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Strength and Sensuality

The Sculpture of Michelangelo

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Michelangelo Buonarroti is arguably the greatest artist that Western culture has ever produced. Even as he was painting the glory of the Sistine Chapel, he thought of himself as a sculptor, and here in Florence many of his sculptures are still to be seen, from the early masterpieces of a fiery young artist, well-aware of amazing talent, to the mature work of an older man, concious of his own mortality.
This tour takes us from the early work of this genius in the Bargello - so often overlooked - to the magnificent David in the Accademia, together with the later 'Slaves'. This is the ultimate blending of strength and sensuality, and you will be able to clearly follow the sculpting techniques that Michelangelo used from his unfinished pieces: how he sought to ‘liberate’ his sculptures from their blocks of Carrara marble. This is the 3-hour version of the tour.

For those who want to have an even deeper experience of this artist, this tour is also available in an extended version that includes Michelangelo's sculptures in the Cappelle Medicee, also his first architectural project. In this case the tour itself lasts around 5 hours: the Bargello and Capelle Medicee are visited in the morning, then the group breaks for lunch for about an hour, and meets up again after lunch to visit the Accademia. You will need to allow a total of 6 hours from start to finish for this tour.

Strength and Sensuality
The Sculpture of Michelangelo
Tour code: Florence 2 (3 hour tour), Florence 3 (5 hour tour)
For groups of max 4 people: £445 per group(3 hour tour), £695 per group (5 hour tour)
For groups of 5-10 people: £97 per person (3 hour tour), £145 per person (5 hour tour)
Duration approx 3hrs/5hrs. Maximum number of participants 10
Included: the 3 hour tour has visits to the Museo Nazionale del Bargello and the Accademia; the 5 hour tour also visits those museums, but in addition has the extra visit to the Capelle Medicee. All entrance tickets are included. The tours will be led by Art Historian Chris Dobson.
Artists covered: Michelangelo.
Meeting point: Bar la Badia, opposite the Bargello in Via del Proconsolo
Please note: this tour is not available on Mondays.

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