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The Ancient South
History and Gastronomy in Basilicata

Cultural Tours of Matera, Basilicata and Apulia
In the beautiful south of Italy - the Mezzogiorno - the history oozes from the very stones themselves. This is where the Ancient Greeks first settled in Italy; it is where Rome suffered her greatest defeat at the hands of Hannibal on the plain of Cannae; the gladiator Spartacus raised the revolt of the slaves (and where gladiatorial combat was born in Italy); the Normans came here before ever they invaded England; Frederick II brought Greek and Arab culture to his Medieval court, and the House of Aragon were the Renaissance rulers of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. And the gastronomy of this region is a tangiable expression of a history of frequent invasions.

Based at the beautiful and tranquil agriturismo of La Lucana, just outside the stunning town of Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chris Dobson offers you a unique voyage through a history and culture of incredible richness, from the Ancient Greeks to the Renaissance. La Lucana has 9 double rooms, plus a family room for 3 guestss, and one for 4 guests.

Chris’s history tour packages here in the south are the ideal experience for people wanting to immerse themselves in an older, ancient Italy, unspoilt by crowds. These six-day tours include visits to historical sites and museums, presentations on art, history and culture, and of course gastronomy: not only will you be tasting the local food and wine, but you will also be learning how to cook the famous cucina povera of the South, now highly prized by international chefs.

Number of tour participaints: 8 to 15

If you are interested in booking this tour for your group, you can check availability by getting in touch via the Contact page.

Price per person, double occupancy: £2,275 (single occupancy add £250)
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Ancient Greek and Roman Culture in Campania and Apulia
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